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Stakeholder engagement

While old-fashioned PR tends to get a bad rap, in its purest form we are talking about good communication with groups and individuals that you need to interact with.

No matter if you are talking about external campaigns, internal communications or simple social media management, you need a good stakeholder management plan to focus your energies.





Who are your stakeholders?

Your relevant publics could include individuals, govt and non govt groups, organizations, businesses, schools, neighbours, customers, local community groups, territorial authorities, support agencies...

What impact could they have on your project or business? Who is talking to them, what are they thinking, and what do you need to do?

What does stakeholder engagement cover?

  • Identify who you need to interact with and who wants to be part of it, so no one slips through the cracks
  • Create opportunities for two-way communication
  • Work with and listen to opinion leaders to gain mutual understanding and support.