Queenstown New Zealand  

Be engaging.

Communications planning, content, advice and support

Strategic communications

Great communication is about planning. We work with you to map out an effective strategy to support your objectives - PR, internal communications or stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder management

Far beyond old fashioned ab-fab PR, working effectively with key audiences needs genuine relationship building against a strategic plan to ensure everyone wins.  

Copywriting for your readers

From marketing copy and digital content to large-scale documents and bid projects, we write, rewrite or translate, in good plain English.

We provide advice and consultancy to...

Large organizations who:

  • Understand that you need a communications strategy to support an overall vision, programme or project
  • Want to engage with key stakeholders in a genuine and meaningful way
  • Want your business to be represented by high quality and consistent collateral and digital content
  • Need document or bid coordination and management

Small businesses and startups who:

  • Would benefit from a basic communications analysis and strategy
  • Want to understand who your key stakeholders are and what they may mean to your business success
  • Need a strategy and regular quality content to support SEO and web traffic
  • Need training to manage media and presentations
  • Know that it is time to get professional content written.

No matter where in the world you are!

We are masters of remote and virtual working. Right now we have clients in London, Finland, Chile and the Waipara Valley. The Northern clients love getting into the office and finding that their work has been done overnight.


Our industry experience includes:

  • Government (NZ, UK and Chile); tourism, disaster recovery, energy, entrepreneurship,  IT change management and software quality.


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