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Terri Anderson  View Terri Anderson's profile on LinkedIn

  • Almost 20 years of communications strategy in NZ, the UK and Latin America
  • Consultant and in house experience in IT, government, health, tourism, disaster recovery and startups
  • Managing virtual projects and teams across clients in the US and Europe.
  • Top grad in Business Communications, AUT BCS 1997
  • Conversational Spanish (Chilean).


  • IT strategy specialist (Multinationals, Government of Chile Ministry of Economy, Security, APEC, OECD).
  • Web and UX designer (HTML5)
  • Web developer (PHP, RoR)
  • Former Chilean-diplomat (Asia Pacific)
  • Translators and document writers (German, French, Spanish and English)
  • Various copywriters and subject matter experts.







 Incredible talented communication specialist. Her value to our global Start-Up company was beyond the regular praising. She is the key person in our company for building a global communication strategy and fine-tuning the actual content...

Nina Fu, Business Consultant, Finland and Chile

Terri is an extremely passionate, proficient and respected communications professional. She’s multi-talented across the areas of communications; strategy, delivery, message development, stakeholder management and press. I witnessed Teri join an extremely challenging and high-profile IT project (value £900m) and set-up the internal communications function (700 people and 100 partner organisations); she did this with flair, savvy business acumen and humour.

 London LSP, BT Global Services

I had the pleasure of working with Terri on several complex bids. She had the challenging task of interpreting and collating raw information provided by a large bid team and using it to create a comprehensive and compelling proposal. I was always impressed with Terri's ability to quickly understand the essence of the mainly technical concepts and coherently distil it into a pertinent, high quality, business focused document. Terri's commensurate professionalism competence and enthusiasm is nothing less than outstanding.

Solutions Architect, BT Global Services